The Benefits Of Braces

Anyone with a bad bite or have teeth which are crooked or crowded in their mouth can benefit from braces. You don’t have to have crooked teeth to visit an Orthodontist in Elmhurst, some people have perfectly straight teeth but they don’t meet properly when the jaws are closed. There are numerous reasons for these problems including injury, thumb sucking as an infant or even your genetic makeup.

If you do have an abnormal bite chances are your dentist will suggest braces in Elmhurst. Once the problem has been corrected you will see such a difference in your appearance and self confidence level. Equally important is the fact that your mouth will be healthier, crooked or misaligned teeth can quickly result in tooth decay, gum disease, tooth loss and problems with eating and speaking properly.

Different ways to straighten your teeth:

There are different approaches that the Orthodontist in Elmhurst can take to straighten your teeth, the approach is usually based on your preference and the treatments that the orthodontist has. Traditional braces use pressure to realign the teeth. The teeth are fitted with a small metal or plastic bracket; these are connected by a wire. The wire is tightened every six to eight weeks and gradually your teeth reposition themselves in accordance with the plan set by the dentist.

Alternative methods that are commonly used are “lingual” braces; the brackets and wire are behind the teeth which makes them far less obtrusive and clear aligners. Clear aligners fit over the teeth, they are changed every couple of weeks until the treatment is completed in about a year.

The time element:

Abnormalities begin to appear when the child is in his or her early teens. If braces in Elmhurst are worn at this age the results are extremely good. This does not mean that adults cannot get equally good results.

The time to completion of the treatment plan can take anywhere from one to three years depending on the severity and complexity of the abnormality. Modern braces are comfortable and far less visible than they were in the past.

An Orthodontist in Elmhurst is the ideal dental professional to fit braces. If you are considering braces in Elmhurst you are invited to make an appointment with Oakbrook Orthodontics.

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