The Benefits Of A Rebuilt Transmission

When you take a vehicle in for repair the last thing you want to hear as the owner is the term transmission problems or the need for a rebuilt transmission. Transmissions, as an essential part of your vehicle, are one of the most costly repairs. There are options to consider which can help to reduce the costs while still giving you a reliable, dependable vehicle.

To understand the benefits of a rebuilt transmission it is important to know a bit about the process. This will help you to see the advantage in this option over a remanufactured transmission or, as the least favorable option, trying a transmission from another vehicle sold through a wrecker or part company.

What is a Rebuilt Transmission?

A rebuilt transmission is the existing transmission in your vehicle fixed and returned to your vehicle. The process is very complicated as there are a range of different parts within a transmission that have to be taken apart, cleaned, inspected, and the damaged parts replaced.

All parts of a rebuilt transmission from a top transmission shop are checked to make sure they are in good condition. Parts that are damaged may be replaced with new or rebuilt used parts or carefully inspected used parts.

In the best shops, a rebuilt transmission will also have all the upgrades in new parts, and this is particularly important for older vehicles. This is less common in new vehicles as the existing transmission will already have the latest in components.

The process to remove, rebuilt and replace a transmission will take a few days. However, the cost savings can be significant, and you also have a transmission already compatible with your vehicle’s systems.

Who Rebuilds Transmissions?

There are some mechanics that will do in-house rebuilds, but with the specialized equipment required and the time it takes to do the job most send a rebuilt transmission out.

There are specialized shops just working on rebuilt transmission orders. These shops have an advantage over a mechanic as they have all the necessary equipment to complete the rebuild plus they understand the available upgrades to the transmission.

If you need a new transmission, or you know your transmission is failing, start looking for and pricing out a rebuilt transmission. You will find it is a very good investment for a vehicle, just make sure to choose a company offering a top warranty.

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