The Benefits of a Direct Vent Gas Fireplace Insert

You love the warmth and beauty of your fireplace. But you’re concerned about the quality of the air in your home. Do you need to be? If you have a direct vent gas fireplace insert, the answer is not at all.

Keeping the Air You Breathe Clean
Direct vent fireplaces, instead of using the indoor air for combustion purposes, draw air in from the outside. They then also expel the air, including any potentially harmful fumes, back directly outside. This avoids the risks of indoor air pollution as well as some back draft fire issues. It also means you are not choking on the smoke from the traditional wood-burning fire. Sure, you may give up the pop and snap of the wood, but you also give up the air pollution.

Energy Efficient
By keeping the air inside your home from escaping, and only allowing the heat from the fireplace to come into the room, a direct vent gas fireplace insert increases your home’s energy efficiency. Cleaner and less expensive air for the whole family is a great result and can bring you peace of mind as well as savings for your wallet.

How It Works
Fireplaces traditionally drew air in from the room to use for combustion purposes, and in addition to serving both as a fire and an air quality risk, had the downside of losing most of the fireplace heat up the chimney where it would escape outside and be lost. Direct vent gas fireplace inserts, however, draw and return air from and to the outside. This means the air quality in the room stays cleaner. The heat, however, is efficiently and effectively delivered to the room. It is the most cost-effective solution.

So You’ve Already Got a Wood-Burning Fireplace
You’re impressed by the notion of increasing your home’s energy efficiency, you want your fireplace to be a haven of warmth for your family, and you’d prefer to keep your air quality under control. But you already have a wood-burning fireplace installed in your home. Never fear. You don’t need to replace the whole fireplace. That’s why the direct vent gas fireplace insert was invented. With no chimney required, little side clearance necessary, and improved energy costs, there’s no reason not to opt to include one in your home today.

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