The Beauty Of A Rose Gold Wedding

Rose gold is one of those hues that is always in style. This is a very popular option in wedding colors to match the couple’s wedding rings or simply as a wedding theme option.

Rose gold is sometimes known as pink gold, and it is formed by using traditional yellow gold mixed (or alloyed) with copper. It can be found in twelve to 18 karat varieties as well as in a 22 karat option that is also known as Crown gold. Rose gold was historically used extensively in Russia as well as the Middle East, particularly in ancient times.

Decorating Ideas for A Rose Gold Wedding

The natural shimmer and rich look of rose gold makes it a perfect accent for a wedding theme color. It naturally matches with glitzy and sequined items such as tablecloths and napkins.

It is also a perfect match for chair covers and even for table runners, particularly on the head table and as a single dazzling and shimmering accent across guest tables. In this case, it is possible to choose the sequined look or select a fabric such as taffeta or satin that is naturally more lustrous and rich looking.

Other Decorating Ideas

With a white or black tablecloth, the rose gold wedding runner and napkins combination is very dramatic. Cream colors are striking with the rose gold accent pieces. Green and blue are also good combinations as are the darker earthy colors. This is particularly breathtaking in a low light situation where candles or very subdued overhead lighting will allow the nature shimmer to take center stage.

To complete the theme, you may also want to choose a complimentary rose gold wedding dinner cutlery set. White or any solid color will look great with the tablecloth and napkins, but avoid other metallic colors such as gold or silver to avoid too many competing elements to the design.

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