The Basics Of A Good Horse Barn

Horses have been sheltering in barns for centuries. While it is essential to let them have exposure to a “natural” environment, it is also essential to ensure they are safe and secure. A good, solid horse barn will accomplish that. For horse breeders, fanciers and owners in Pittsburg KS, a barn for their horses must possess certain qualities.

Everything a Horse and Its Human(s) Need

Barns provide an essential service to both humans and the animals they contain. When constructing on, it is important to keep certain things in mind if you want to satisfy the needs of all concerned parties.

Stalls: The ideal barn has individual stalls for the horses. They allow sufficient room for their occupants to move around

Outdoor Access: The stalls will have access to a paddock for exercise.

Quarantine Area: Barns need to have a space they can quarantine any horse with a medical or health problem. This can be in the form of a separate section or several individual stalls. They must, in all cases, be apart from the regular stalls or enclosures

Air Circulation and Ventilation: Without proper air circulation and ventilation, moisture can build up in a horse barn. The air can become stale and moist pockets will breed mold and unfriendly spores and bacteria

Flooring: While dirt may seem comfortable, it is difficult to keep clean. Concrete with rubber matting is an option. Whatever the choice of flooring material, always provide a covering of straw to cushion joints and prevent slipping

In Pittsburg KS, horse lovers understand the need to heed the above requirements if they want their horses to remain healthy.

Horse Barn

If you plant to construct a barn for your horses in Pittsburg KS, be sure you understand the requirements of your animals. In creating a healthy horse barn, you are not simply fulfilling some builders’ whim. You are providing the perfect environment for healthy horses.

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