The Basics Components Of Hydraulic Cylinders

There are various types of hydraulic cylinders for sale on the market. Before you make the decision to purchase one, it is important to understand specifically the criteria you and your company require to handle the specific applications. You will need to rely on your engineers, technicians, operators, and others familiar with the company’s systems. Even with experts to hand, the final decision may lie with you. The guide below can provide you with basic information on hydraulic cylinders and their capabilities.

Basic Types of Hydraulic Cylinders

Various types of hydraulic cylinders are available for purchase. While some professionals choose to categorize them according to their construction, e.g., welded, tie-rod or mill-duty, the most common means of classifying them is into one of the two following categories:

* Single Acting Hydraulic Cylinder

* Double Acting Hydraulic Cylinders

Some people may also include telescopic cylinders. This, however, is more of a sub-category you find among the many hydraulic cylinders for sale today.


No matter what type of hydraulic cylinder, you are considering, it is imperative to be aware of the basic components comprising the models. While variations do occur, essentially, all types consist of similar parts.

* Cylindrical Barrel: This is the housing

* Piston: This resides inside the barrel connected to a piston rod. The piston acts to separate the cylinder into two distinct chambers: the bottom and piston rod side.

* Piston Rod: This device is connected to the piston

* Cylinder Head: This is the departure point of the piston

* Cylinder Bottom/Cap End: This part shuts off the cylindrical barrel at both ends

* Pressurized Hydraulic Fluid: Hydraulic fuel drives the transfer force from one part to the next within the hydraulic cylinder

In addition to these major components, hydraulic cylinders for sale also possess a variety of mounting brackets, sliding rings, flanges, trunnions, and seals. Keep these in mind and compare quality products with availability before purchasing one that meets your needs and specifications.

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