The Aspects of Antique Rug Restoration in New York City

Oriental rugs are beautiful, artistic, creative, and part of the ancient culture of the Orient. For centuries, people have been using these rugs to decorate their homes. These rugs are elegant, sophisticated, and come in a variety of designs. Persian and Moroccan rugs are also from Old World craftsmanship and culture that are used as ornamental decor in homes. If you have an antique Persian or Oriental area rug, you need quality antique rug restoration in New York City to help you when it needs some work. The following will discuss the aspects of restoring antique area rugs.


How do they get the wool for rug restoration on antique rugs? Master rug restoration specialists have several different types of antique Caucasian kilim used specifically for restoring antique Persian, Moroccan, and Oriental rugs. The wool is carefully removed from rugs that cannot be restored and saved for use on rugs that can be restored.


The process of restoring these beautiful rugs begins with the reweaving stage. An expert craftsman can reweave the edge of Persian or Oriental rugs using the same age wool as was used in the original rug. This helps keep the repair as authentic as possible. The edges of these antique rugs often become compromised or damaged before any other kind of damage occurs. Reweaving can also be used to repair holes in these rugs.


If the wool needs to be dyed to match a rug, it is done using all-natural dyes taken from minerals and plants. Rug restoration experts hand prepare the dyes themselves to ensure the color is perfect for the restoration that is to be done. Additionally, all wool is hand spun by master craftsmen. No antique rug restoration in New York City will suffer from factory dyes or poorly spun wool.


After the preparation work is done, rug restoration professionals remove dead pile from the antique rug, shear off excess pile, and apply any finishing touches to the restoration job. These steps are taken to ensure your antique rug looks as authentic as when it was originally created. The Golden Horn is a rug restoration business with expertise in all the aspects of antique rug restoration, repair, and cleaning.

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