The Aesthetic And Safety Considerations In Industrial Epoxy Flooring

While all epoxy floor coatings are used to protect the surface of the concrete or other flooring material, this is not the only factor to consider when choosing this flooring option.

In addition to the protection of the floor surface, industrial epoxy flooring can also add to the visual appeal of the work area and also add to the safety. Different types of buildings, particularly those where water or liquids are in use, will need to have flooring that can not only stand up to spills but also to assist in reducing the risk of slips and skids for both people and equipment.

Aesthetics: Getting The Look You Want

In the past, industrial epoxy flooring was very basic in color selections. Typically, colors ranged from dark browns, blacks and gray through to whites, creams, and taupe colors.

Today, many of the top manufacturers of epoxy flooring offer a full selection of standard colors. This includes both the neutral or more earthy colors to bright reds, yellows, greens, and blues.

Different types of epoxy will typically come in different color options, and there is also the option to add colored flakes or chips to the surface. This will provide a terrazzo type of look to the floor that really makes it pop. Metallic pigments are another option. As with chips or flakes, there is a basecoat, the metallic color or chips and then a topcoat, creating a durable and attractive flooring option.


Non-skid and non-slip surfaces are very popular with most applications of industrial epoxy flooring. This prevents skidding on corners with forklifts and other equipment, plus it helps to prevent any slipping on wet surfaces for either equipment or foot traffic.

Always talk to the manufacturer if you are unsure of the look or the safety requirements for the flooring. The sales staff will help ensure the right flooring type is selected.

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