That Funny Smell May Signal a Need for Brakes Repair Services in Indianapolis IN

Vehicle owners are generally familiar with the concept that brake noises are early signs of problems with the braking system. The worse those noises get, the more hazardous the situation is becoming. Not everyone realizes that brakes can give off odors that indicate trouble as well. It may be time for Brakes Repair Services in Indianapolis IN if certain types of odors are noticed in certain circumstances.

Overheating brakes can emit the unpleasant smell of hot metal. This might happen if a driver is moving down a very steep slope and traveling fast enough that near-continuous use of brakes is necessary. Traveling too fast down slopes can also mean having to apply too much pressure to brakes all the way down. That heavy pressure is only meant to be used occasionally for brief periods, not for an entire trip down a mountain. Downshifting to a lower gear, commonly designated by the numbers 2 and 1 in an automatic transmission, brings the engine into play to slow the vehicle. This does not harm the engine as long as the driver downshifts to 2 while only moving at 30 or 40 miles per hour.

In serious overheating cases, the brakes may even start to smoke. This situation may not require brake repair, but it definitely calls for stopping at the soonest opportunity and letting the brakes cool down. This is a good time to have lunch at a local diner or a truck stop or just enjoy the view at a scenic overlook. If the brakes don’t have a chance to cool down, they can experience substantial wear and even fail.

A similar odor may develop if the driver has been traveling with the emergency brake partially engaged. Releasing that brake should resolve the problem. However, if the driver traveled a long distance like that, the rear brakes may have been negatively affected and might need brakes repair services in Indianapolis IN.

In some cases, brake odors simply arise because new brake components have been installed by mechanics at a garage such as Pete’s Service Center. Those aromas should disappear within a few hours of driving. Click here for more information on brake repair and installation.

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