Terrazzo Makes a Comeback for Floors and More

Terrazzo: why is this flooring option so popular again? It’s seamless and beautiful. Nowadays, it’s simple to maintain. Most Floridians are very lucky because there’s a plethora of original 1950’s and 1960’s terrazzo buried inside their homes, underneath the carpet, underneath the tile, and underneath their linoleum. For most homes in Florida, in the 50’s to 70’s terrazzo became a popular flooring option. It now is called Mid Century Modern. Formerly, while constructing a home a contractor would place the outer foundation walls up, and pour the terrazzo flooring into place. The floor would be smooth prior to installing the inner walls on the upper part of the terrazzo.

What was the cause of these Mid Century Modern Floors popularity decline?

There wasn’t any easy home maintenance; and, there was a lack of expert maintenance workers. Therefore, most floors became damaged, stained, and scratched. As the 1970’s came on the scene, carpets became popular, particularly the shag variety.

Today, contemporary architects oftentimes select new terrazzo for floors for exterior and interior use alike. But, Mid Century Modern Terrazzo flooring is making a comeback, as well. In many cases, old terrazzo may be refurbished for just a fraction of a new flooring’s cost.

Today Terrazzo is making a comeback

Advancement in maintenance and floor care restoration permits us to bring back those floors to their initial beauty. More homeowners who are lucky enough to own houses that have these original floors, are opting to have them restored. One reward for their effort is that Terrazzo flooring is easily maintained. Since they’re seamless, it’s simpler to keep a clean home. Just mop, as needed, with warm water and periodically using a ‘neutral’ floor cleaner.

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