Terrazzo Flooring Cost

Terrazzo flooring, also known as Venetian mosaic, is manufactured from a mixture of marble, glass and stone chips that have been embedded into tinted cement and sanded down to a smooth, finished surface. This basic process has been used for centuries to create these distinctive tiles.

Professionally Installed Terrazzo Flooring

A poured-in-place terrazzo floor is a labor-intensive process that requires professional installation for optimal results. Terrazzo’s high initial cost is offset by its durability and longevity. A well-maintained, professionally installed terrazzo floor can last for generations without the need for repairs or replacement.

The cost of terrazzo flooring varies, according to your geographic area and other conditions. Expect a professionally installed, poured-in-place terrazzo floor to cost 50 dollars or more per square foot, depending on the size and complexity of the project. Typically, smaller projects command a higher price per square foot.

DIY Terrazzo Flooring

Although it is not impossible to install a DIY, poured-in-place terrazzo floor, it is usually not recommended. The installation process of terrazzo requires a very specialized skill and would be challenging for most people with no experience. The materials may cost less, but the process would be much lengthier. Plus, there would likely be a bit of trial and error involved with DIY installation.

Trend Terrazzo Flooring Tiles

To achieve the beauty and durability of poured-in-place terrazzo for less money and hassle, consider Trend Terrazzo floor tiles, instead. Trend Terrazzo flooring costs a fraction of the price of traditional terrazzo and provides additional benefits like:

•  Faster installation
•  Lightweight material
•  Easy to cut on-site
•  Never needs sealing

Trend Terrazzo tile is available in a wide array of custom colors for any room in your house. It is an ideal alternative to traditional terrazzo, offering all the same benefits at a much lower price.

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