Termites are No Match for Pest Control in Brandon

Termites are very tiny little insects. Most of them are between 1/8-inch and 3/8-inch long. These miniscule creatures should not be taken lightly, though. They are a mighty and formidable opponent in the battle for your home. First, let’s talk about the size of the termite army. A single, mature termite colony can contain between 200,000 and 2 million workers, and a single acre of land can support as many as twelve colonies. The male and female reproductive members of the colony referred to as the king and queen, can live up to 25 years and have thousands of offspring each year. Each individual termite is rather weak. Worker termites have no eyes or wings, and soldiers can typically only delay an ant invasion through suicidal missions. Together, however, they are extremely destructive to wood-based structures, such as your home. In fact, they are responsible for $5 billion in damages every year, according to NPMA, the National Pest Management Association. If you spot termites on, in, or even near your home, you need to contact a pest control company in Brandon right away for help.

Five Signs that Indicate Your Home May Be Infested With Termites

If you suspect your home may be infested with termites, you should contact a pest control company immediately for a free inspection. A trained professional can most accurately assess whether or not you have a termite problem. There are five signs that can warn you of a potential infestation:

1. Have you seen a swarm of insects or piles of discarded wings?
2. Are there mud tubes on the exterior walls on your home?
3. Does your wood sound hollow when tapped?
4. Are your wood surfaces cracked?
5. Have you seen wood-colored droppings?

Staying observant and noticing these signs early can save you thousands of dollars in fumigation, as well as repairs. Do not attempt to treat the infestation yourself. Your biggest investment can be badly damaged by these little pests. If you notice any termite activity whatsoever, contact a pest control company in Brandon for help.

How a pest control Company in Brandon Will Rid Your Home of Termites

A reputable pest control Company in Brandon will send a highly trained professional to treat your home. It will take more than one treatment, however, to rid your home of these unwelcome guests. The technician will treat cracks in floors and around pipes. He will treat under all tubs and showers, as well as plumbing entry points. He will even drill in several locations throughout your home to inject treatment materials. Don’t worry though. The technician will fill and patch the drill holes when he is done and clean up his mess. Finally, the pest control technician in Brandon will dig a small trench around your home and treat it. This ensures that termites cannot enter or leave your home without coming into contact with the deadly solution. The trench will be filled again before the technician leaves.

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