Ten Things Homeowner’s Insurance Won’t Cover

As you are shopping for the best home insurance in Palatka for your home, it is important to look at what your chosen policy covers. It is just as important if not more to know what most insurance policies do not cover. Here are the top ten things homeowner’s insurance won’t cover. How many of these are a shock for you to learn?

  • Flooding – The standard private home insurance policy will not cover flood damage. Homes located in flood-prone areas must buy a separate flood insurance policy that goes on top of the basic policy.
  • Earthquakes- As is with flood, earthquakes are not included on the basic home insurance policy and a separate policy specifically for earthquakes has to be purchased.
  • Deductibles- The amount you are required to pay before any repairs or work take place is not something you can charge to your insurance company either.
  • Simultaneous Events- If two events happen at the same time and one is not covered by the policy, there is a chance neither is covered. For example, an earthquake causes a tree to fall into your home—that may not be covered.
  • Post-Traumatic Assistance- Following a catastrophic event like a natural disaster many people need special help or counseling to deal with the aftermath, but these services are usually not covered under the policy.
  • Outside Contractors- Only certain contractors are covered under most home insurance policies, and if a homeowner uses someone outside the policy list, although they may seem cheaper, the work is not insurable.
  • Lost Wages – If the damage sustained to the home causes injury or makes it so you have to be out of work for a time to deal with repairs, your standard homeowner’s insurance won’t do anything to offset this cost.
  • A Full Rebuild – The majority of policies have a cap to as to how much they will pay out in total for the home and it usually is less than the full market value so a complete rebuild is not fully covered.
  • Plumbing Neglect- While plumbing problems are usually covered, if the resulting damage is caused by homeowner neglect or fault then there typically is no payout from the policy.
  • Required Upgrades- Even when laws and building codes change and updates to the home have to be made, this does not mean the insurance plan will cover this additional work.

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