Technical Tips Before the Frisco Movers Come

Start your packing endeavor with the virtual move. If you are not already in the habit of backing up your data, now is the time to invest in an external hard drive or sign up for an online data storage service. Knowing that your computer files and digital photos are safely backed up can take a huge weight off your shoulders.

Properly Pack Wires
Organize your cords now for easier setup later. Label each cord with the name of the device it goes to and you won’t have to worry about searching for the one cord you need. For devices that have multiple cords, use colored dot stickers to label each cord and the hole it plugs into on the back of the device. Then when you go to reconnect it, you can save yourself the frustration of figuring out what goes where.

Pack Documents
Gather important papers in a fireproof lock box. Like backing up computer files, saving important documents in a lock box is something that we all should be doing, whether or not a move is in the near future. Gather birth certificates, passports and other vital records and sensitive financial documents in your box. When moving day arrives, this box should come with you in your car (or put the contents of it in your carry-on bag if flying).

Label Everything
Labeling will help you as well as your Frisco movers. Use an easy labeling system. Try color-coding box labels depending on which room the box will go in, and then number each box. Keep a separate record with a list of the contents of each numbered box. Then when you are unpacking, you can simply check your master list to see which box you need.

Keep the Move Organized
Stay organized with a moving binder. Information from your Frisco movers, to-do lists, your master packing list and a zip-top bag with memory sticks or other computer data backup can all be stashed inside. Closer to your move date, tuck in a folder with current bills, stamps and your checkbook. Make sure you keep this binder with you at all times during the move.

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