Teachers That Want a New Teaching Experience

If you are a teacher that loves teaching children and have always wanted to travel, you have an opportunity to do that. Many teachers travel abroad and teach children from other countries. This gives the teacher a great way to experience a new culture while still doing what they love, teaching children.

What Degree or Experience Do You Have to Have to Teach Abroad?

You may be wondering what experience or what degree you have to hold to be able to teach abroad. If you are looking for English teaching jobs in Korea, most education majors are accepted. Many people who want to teach abroad may not have real class experience or formal training yet, so it would be a good idea to get TEFL certified. Getting certified will increase the opportunity to work in countries such as Korea.

Teaching in a Public School in Korea

When you have the opportunity to teach in a public school in Korea, it is a good idea to know the basic duties you as the teacher will have. As a general guideline for an English teacher, you will need to conduct classes in English for teachers and students. You will need to be able to prepare the teaching materials for the English language class though you should also be aware that some schools will plan out the lessons themselves for you to teach. You will also be assisting a Korean teacher with activities related to teaching English and extracurricular activities. Most English teachers will be assisted by a Korean teacher, or the class will be conducted jointly. The Provincial Office of Education will let you know if they would like you to perform other duties.

What is the Dress Code for a Teacher in Korea?

Regardless of if you teach in a public or private school in Korea, you cannot go to work in old t-shits and ripped jeans with a pair of flip flops. This is not professional attire for a teaching position. You are required to wear semi-professional clothing. It is advised that female and male teachers bring a few formal outfits such as a suit, tie, and dress slacks. Men typically wear dress pants, shirts with a collar, sweaters or vests. Some of the schools will allow you to wear jeans, but you will need to check with them before wearing them. You should make sure you bring plenty of suitable clothes and stay presentable while employed as an English Teacher in Korea.

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