Talk to a Lawyer About Filing for Chapter 13 Bankruptcy in Hamilton, OH

A person who is in debt and having trouble making all of their payments is often the recipient of debt collector calls, repossession notices, and foreclosure notices. This situation can be incredibly overwhelming, and it’s difficult for them to consider hiring someone to help them. However, bankruptcy is going to be an option that can help them get out of debt and back in control of their finances, and they’re not going to want to file for bankruptcy without legal assistance.

A lawyer is going to be essential for determining which chapter of bankruptcy is going to be right for the person. Income is the main determining factor for Chapter 13 Bankruptcy in Hamilton OH, but it’s not the only one. The person will walk to find out if Chapter 13 is the right option in their case or if they should consider a different chapter. This can help ensure the bankruptcy is completed and the person doesn’t run into any issues that could delay the bankruptcy. A delay could mean they lose their car, home, or a substantial portion of their wages.

If chapter 13 bankruptcy in Hamilton OH, is the right one for the person, they’ll want the advice of the lawyer to make sure they are going to be approved for the bankruptcy. Chapter 13 involves restructuring the payments a person has so they simply pay one affordable payment each month on their debts. This is done for a limited time, typically three to five years, and some debts can be discharged. The attorney can walk them through all of this so they understand what debts can be included in the bankruptcy, what can be discharged, and what they will need to continue to pay outside of the bankruptcy.

If you cannot seem to get a handle on your debts and you’re considering bankruptcy, make sure you speak with a lawyer. They can help ensure you are successful in filing for the right chapter and that you are able to complete the bankruptcy and get your finances back on track. They can also offer you advise on other solutions that might work in your case. For more information, Contact R. Dean Snyder Attorney today.

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