Taking Care of Central Air Conditioning Repair Maintenance in Clearwater

When a homeowner uses central air conditioning in their home, it becomes necessary to do Central Air Conditioning Repair Maintenance in Clearwater at the end of the summer season. This will ensure the equipment works well when it is needed again. Here are some of the maintenance steps one should do to keep their air conditioning in the best possible condition.

First, the condenser portion of the air conditioning system should be cleaned thoroughly. This is the large part located outdoors. The homeowner should turn off the electrical supply before doing any type of maintenance to the system. This can be done at the main circuit panel. When the power is off, the person can take off the cover to the condenser and remove any debris using a vacuum cleaner brush attachment. They can rotate the fan by hand to remove any dirt from around the motor. The fan can be cleaned off with a mild detergent if necessary. When all debris appears to be removed, they can put the cover back on.

The evaporator section of the air conditioning system should also be cleaned. This is located near the furnace inside the home. The coils of this portion may be enclosed, making it necessary to call an air conditioning service to tend to this part of the job. If the cover can be removed, the coils can be cleaned in the same way the condenser had been cleaned.

The pan under the evaporator should be cleaned with bleach to help ward off mildew or mold. The tubing running from the evaporator to the water pump should also be cleaned out to help keep the interior from molding. This can be rinsed in a sink with soapy water and set outdoors to dry for several hours before replacing. It is a good idea to change the air filter at this time so the air conditioning system can be used right away when the weather becomes warm again.

If someone needs help tending to Central Air Conditioning Repair Maintenance in Clearwater, they can call a reputable air conditioning repair service in the area. Check out a website like A-ableair.com to find out more about maintenance steps and to make an appointment for service.

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