Swimming Pool Ionizer: The Ultimate Alternative to Chlorination

A swimming pool ionizer is the modern solution to all health and hygiene concerns of a swimming pool. Gone is the age of salt systems and chlorination, techniques that caused much harm to people. Developed by NASA for their Apollo missions, water ionization techniques are today being used to treat water in swimming pools. A swimming pool ionizer offers a multitude of benefits over conventional systems, and also makes more economic sense.


How Does It Work?


A swimming pool ionizer mainly consists of a copper-silver alloy electrode. When a small DC (Direct Current) voltage is applied across this electrode, it releases positive copper and positive silver ions into the water stream. It is a scientific fact that copper ions attack and kill algae whereas silver ions destroy bacteria and viruses. Over a long period of time, the electrode is completely eroded and requires replacement.


The one crucial advantage this technique offers over chlorination is that the latter does not attack or kill viruses. Therefore, ionizers make the swimming pool a much safer place for all.


Great Benefits


The number of benefits offered by a swimming pool ionizer is many. Some of the more important and crucial ones are mentioned below:


1. Healthier: Chlorine is known to be linked with fatal diseases such as cancer and other lung diseases. However, ionization is a relatively much safer and healthier process. Even symptoms such as eye-irritation and skin-redness are eliminated by this system.
2. Relatively Inexpensive: Firstly, ionizers require very less electricity to perform. An average residential swimming pool that runs for about 8 hours daily will only result in an electricity consumption equivalent to about $3. Also, the installation and maintenance costs are very low.
3. Timesaving System: The use of ionization eliminates the need of constant chemical monitoring. Also, since chlorine levels are massively reduced, the corrosion of equipment is also significantly reduced. Therefore, the time wasted in the maintenance of this equipment is also saved.
4. Warranty: All the reputed sellers of this technology also offer a long-term warranty on their product. A warranty period, on average, may be as long as 3 to 5 years. Therefore, customers do not have to be worried about spending money in case of any fault in the system.


Ready Online Market


Anyone who is looking to switch to this modern system can find reputed companies online, using a quick web search. Many companies also offer attractive offers and discounts. However, one must be very careful and avoid companies that provide substandard products. Such companies can be avoided through proper research. A swimming pool ionizer is an important investment and everyone must think carefully before deciding which product to choose.

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