Swan Creek Candles are 100%

Swan Creek Candles are extremely popular. They carry a full line of candles made 100% from American Soybean Wax. The candle company is dedicated to making high-quality, environmentally friendly candles.

The soy wax used by Swan Creek Candles is a natural wax harvested from soybeans grown by American farmers in Swanton, Ohio. The soy wax is environmentally friendly and does not contain any toxic substances, so the candles are not harmful to pets or children.

Swan Creek Candles has been family owned for nearly 40 years. Their candles have become more and more popular as consumers have become more environmentally conscious.

In addition to the soy wax, Swan Creek Candles use 100% cotton wicks in all their candles. Since the wicks are made from cotton, there is less soot and toxins in the air. Soot from candles can contain up to eleven different toxins, include two which have been proven to be carcinogens: toluene and benzene. The candles will self-extinguish when all the wax has melted.

The soy candles from Swan Creek Candles burn clean and releases no toxins in the air. The clean burning of soy candles is less aggravating to people with asthma or allergies, and the indoor air will maintain higher quality since there are no harmful chemicals contained in soy.

Swan Creek Candles have stronger scents compared to traditional paraffin wax candles. They add the maximum amount of scent to the soy wax to allow consumers to get the full benefit of the aroma.

Still not convinced to buy soy candles from Swan Creek Candles? Then how about this, purchasing candles from Swan Creek Candles help American farmers. Unlike the paraffin wax candles, the soybeans used to make soy wax is grown by farmers in Ohio. So, you are not only helping American farmers, but you are also helping the U.S. economy.

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