Successfully Making The Switch To E-Cigarettes

With the popularity of E-cigarettes, many are throwing away traditional cigarettes and making the switch to the newer, safer alternative. Though stopping a long term habit may be difficult, by beginning the e-cig transition with a traditional tobacco flavored E-liquid and a full amount of nicotine, many can easily adjust with just a little willpower. Of course, there are immediate advantages to using electronic cigarettes versus standard cigarettes, and some of those advantages are noticed within only a few days of making the switch.

Very rapidly after switching to electronic cigarettes, the smoker will notice a lessening of their nagging, early morning smoker’s cough. Because traditional cigarettes are full of dangerous toxins, such as tar, cyanide and arsenic, they can cause damage to the throat while inhaling smoke into the lungs. This damage causes an irritation and encourages mucus to develop. This causes the smoker’s cough that many smokers are known for having. E-cigs have none of these dangerous toxins to irritate the throat, so after breaking the cigarette habit, the cough will diminish, and the throat irritation will go away.

Some cigarette smokers complain about the loss of taste while attempting to enjoy certain foods, and others don’t even realize that food tastes quite so bland until they stop smoking and begin to regain their sense of taste. Often they’re amazed at the flavors that they’ve been missing. The tobacco in cigarettes tends to dull the smoker’s sense of taste, but within only a few days of stopping the habit, or switching to E-cigarettes, the sense of taste begins to amazingly recover.

An immediate advantage to smoking electronic cigarettes is the elimination of second-hand smoke to the non-smokers in the vicinity. This is especially important if children are present around the cigarette smoker, as second-hand smoke has been proven to be quite dangerous to all, but especially children. Because e-cigarettes don’t have the toxins of traditional cigarettes, and the “smoke” coming out of the device is a water vapor, it is not harmful for anyone in the vicinity of the e-cig smoker, making a much more comfortable environment for non-smokers.

Vapor shops, such as The Vaporium, offer many types of e-cigarettes and liquids, sure to please those ready to make the switch. Get advice, samples and products at the vapor shop. You’ll have everything you need to stop smoking and start vaping.

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