Stonewall Kitchen Foods

Stonewall Kitchen Foods is an award-winning specialty foods creator located in Maine. They offer a variety of specialty foods, gifts, and kitchen accessories for the whole family.

Their story began when the founders, Jim Stott and Jonathan King wanted to recreate their grandmother’s delicious blueberry pie in a jam. Since then, they have won many awards for delicious and tasty foods.

Their food is so good that astronaut Chris Cassidy requested their Wild Maine Blueberry Jam to go to space with him because it reminded him of home. He ate his jam on a piece of space cheesecake! Stonewall Kitchen Foods were honored that Astronaut Cassidy wanted some jam that they created a special polypropylene space-safe jar so he could take his jam to outer-space. Now that is out-of-this-world!

What makes their foods so good? Maybe it is the fresh ingredients they use, or it could be their robust product development department. Or maybe it is just because so many people think their food tastes really good.

Their staff takes their time when developing new foods. They want to ensure their new product is something you will enjoy because they take pride in their company and the products.

Stonewall Kitchen Foods make a great addition to a gift basket. You can choose between their delicious jams, jellies, pancake mixes, and other items. Or include several to give your recipient a variety to choose from. A homemade and attractive gift basket overflowing with tasty foods is a lovely way to introduce specialty foods to other people.

If you do not want to do a gift basket, then plan a pancake breakfast using Stonewall Kitchen Foods pancake mix. Their pancake mix is a family favorite, and their blend will make both waffles and pancakes. Try topping it with syrups, jams, or fruit butter by Stonewall Kitchen Foods. You and your guest will enjoy it!

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