Steps For Termite Removal In Annapolis

In Maryland, termites are a leading cause of extensive property damage. The insects create colonies underneath residential properties and use the wood framing as a food source. As the insects multiple, swarms of termites travel underneath the property. All wooden support beams are weakened by the insects, and property damage is more serious. A local exterminator provides Termite Removal in Annapolis for property owners.

Review the Property for Termite Damage

A complete review of the property is performed, and all damage is discovered. The severity of the property damage defines how extensive the termite infestation is. Typically, the termites aren’t seen traveling around the exterior of the property unless the infestation is more severe. Under the conditions, it is likely that the termites have broken through interior walls, too.

Spray All Affected Areas with Insecticide

The exterminator begins by spraying insecticide underneath the property. All areas in which termites are seen are treated completely. The chemicals kill off all visible termites quickly. For severe infestations, the exterminator returns to distribute the chemicals again after about a week.

Set Up Barriers Leading to Food Sources

Next, the exterminator sets up barriers to block off all food sources for the termites. Visible colonies are found underneath the property near the foundation. It is urgent that all colonies are closed off with small barriers. The traps are installed by the exterminator in all areas where the termites were found. Once installed, the termites have no access to water or their preferred food sources.

Mitigating Future Infestations

The property owner seals off all cracks in the foundation and baseboards. Any cracks or crevices in which termites use to enter the property are closed off completely. The owner cleans away any dead tree branches and wood found around their home. The property owner schedules ongoing treatments with their preferred exterminator.

In Maryland, termites feed on wood supporting residential properties. As the insects continue their meal, the property’s support system is weakened and damage occurs. Extermination teams use an insecticide, gel bait, and barriers to kill off the insects quickly. Homeowners who need to schedule Termite Removal in Annapolis contact Accutech Pest Management and set up an appointment now.

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