Staying At A Lake Cumberland Lodge

Staying at a Lake Cumberland Lodge is easily the highlight of many a visitor’s foray into Kentucky. With a natural shoreline that seems to run for miles, it is hard not to find the right spot. Without a single smokestack or industrial site along or even near the Lake, it is easy to forget the hectic pace of the city. This is one of the many reasons why people return every year to Lake Cumberland.

Peace and Quiet Rules in a Lake Cumberland Lodge

From that first glimpse of the lake in the morning sun to the glorious sunset in the evening, summers can pass very peacefully at a Lake Cumberland lodge. You can relax and enjoy the simple and quiet pleasures that are all part of the experience of living besides a large body of water. While houseboats and their motorized water sports may cruise by, they usually quickly vanish in the distance, leaving you alone with your thoughts.

Stand by the waters as a storm blows up and feel the power of nature wash over you. Rent a boat and follow the lake as it curves in and out of the multitude of coves that comprise its shoreline. Stare up at the Cumberland Mountains and realize how very few years people have actually trod this part of Kentucky. Nature can be beautiful but it also can be overwhelming, sending you back to your Lake Cumberland lodge contemplative but exhilarated.

Getting Active

While it is true you can simply laze away your stay at a Lake Cumberland lodge, you can also give up the hammock for a day and head out to enjoy what life on and around the lake has to offer you. The problem will not be what is there to do. The issue is where to begin. Lake Cumberland offers a wide variety of both on and off lake activities and attractions. Among the most popular ones are:

* Fishing: You can actually fish in the lake or in nearby waters or you can see how fish stock is farmed at the Wolf Creek National Fish Hatchery
* Houseboating: Lake Cumberland is renowned for its houseboats. Consider riding on one for the day
* Hiking: With the Lake Cumberland State Resort Park nearby, why not go hike the trails for a day?
* Golfing: there are several golf courses to play on.
* Discover Local History: Lake Cumberland has a proud history. Learn something about it by visiting Mill Springs Battlefield Museum/Visitor Center and National Cemetery.
* Shopping: Lake Cumberland’s major shopping district is located in Somerset, but it is not the only place to purchase supplies or to find that special gift or souvenir.

Whether you wish to relax in the sun or on the shore or hike around the area, you will find your needs satisfied here, at Cumberland Lake. From exploring the Lake to shopping in town, it is all there for you to discover. Simply go online and book a Lake Cumberland lodge to start your next Kentucky adventure.

If you are considering booking a Lake Cumberland Lodge, do not hesitate to talk to the professionals at Lee’s Ford Marina. They can help you find the lodging you want with the view you will enjoy. From comfortable, rustic cabins to luxurious houseboat, we provide you with the opportunity to get the most out of your holiday stay.

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