Standing Out At Your Next Trade Show

Trade shows and conventions are one of the best ways to get your product and business noticed by a high volume of potential customers. Standing out from the crowd is one of the key components of getting your booth or stand noticed. Here are just a few suggestions from our experts at Lennertson Sample Company for bringing something unique to the table and getting passerby to, well, stop passing by.

Wear Your Product

If you’re dealing with fabric goods such as custom made apparel, you and your employees or co-workers can showcase your product not only by displaying samples, but by wearing it, as well.

Have Quality Samples

When it comes to those aforementioned samples, you’ll want to make sure you have the absolute best quality fabric swatches on hand – especially when you’re dealing with products made from various textiles. Whether you’re selling clothing, furniture, curtains, or even car accessories, you’ll want to contact us for the highest quality swatch cards and swatch books of your product. Let your potential customers see and feel the quality of the fabric you’re offering, in a variety of polished, professional styles like die-cut and waterfall.

Leave Your Brand Imprint

Business 2 Community recommends using digital methods of marketing to avoid giving out too many pieces of paper to potential customers at your booth. While utilizing social media to promote your booth within the event’s hashtags is a great way to get visitors, you don’t necessarily have to go completely digital. In lieu of traditional business cards, why not have small swatches of your fabric made up and imprinted with your information? Or, if you’re creating custom clothing, you might want to give away your hang tags so that potential customers can keep your brand in mind with a visual reminder. This is where it helps to have a creative and unique hang tag design – yet another service we can provide to you.

Make It Interactive

Instead of just sitting behind a table while visitors come up to speak with you, make your booth a little more warm and interactive. Have customers enter into your booth with you to browse your products and view your swatches. Add a casual edge so that your booth visitors feel like they’re mingling with you as an equal – not approaching you in order to hear your sales pitch.

Keeping things fresh and creative will get you noticed at your next trade show. You can easily use some of the above tips as a starting point to get your products noticed. As always, we’re here to help you by providing quality swatches and hang tags to help you sell your fabric and products. Contact us today for a quote!

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