Special Baby Gifts For Grandparents To Give

As a grandparent you are probably already very actively involved in helping to get basic supplies, clothing and helpful things for the new Mom and Dad to be. While these are much appreciated and very important gifts, you may want to give special baby gifts on the baby’s birthday or their first day home from the hospital.

If you want to provide these really special baby gifts you can consider several different options. Of course you can always consult directly with the parents to find out what they might like or need, or you can quietly find out on your own. You can also choose to give something that is truly special for the baby, a collectable item, and one that is more of a keepsake of the day but also something that can be used and enjoyed.

Baby Sets

Some of the most popular special baby gifts given by grandparents come in the form of baby sets of flatware, dishes or even a brush and comb set.  These items, while beautiful and designed to be a keepsake, can also be used on a daily basis. By combining beauty and durability Mom and Dad will appreciate having these items to use now and also to have on display once baby outgrows them.

These types of items, including sterling silver porringers, hand stamped baby spoons or spoon and fork sets, are absolutely a treasure to give. You can also opt for a tooth fairy box in silver plate, a keepsake that will also be very useful in a few short years.


Other very special baby gifts for grandparents to consider are the many jewelry items. Little girls will love link bracelets in sterling silver with the option to engrave the baby’s name, date of birth or other information. Swarovski crystal bracelets, with a matching larger size for Mom, are sure to be a treasured gift.

For little boys personalized Limoges with rich gold design and hand painted customized information about the child’s birth are a great idea. As these are so original they will be treasured and kept, perhaps even to give to great-grandchildren in the future.

Special baby gifts from grandparents are extremely meaningful to both the parents and the child. They become keepsakes and treasured memories that only grandparents can provide.

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