Some Benefits of Electropolishing

When you have components you feel could look or function better, they may benefit from the process of electropolishing. This process can quickly help you improve the quality of your component so that you can get it to market. This type of polishing requires the equipment and skills of a top-notch specification plating company.

Electropolishing Explained
Electropolishing a process used to change the characteristics of a component part’s surface layer when you are dealing with a metal alloy such as stainless steel. This electrochemical process essentially involves taking off a microscopic amount of metal from the component’s surface. It is different from electroplating, which involves depositing a layer of metal through the process of plating. This polishing process is effective for improving a component’s appearance and reducing surface resistance.

Why Electropolishing?
This process has a wide range of benefits in many industries, including the aerospace and medical fields. When metal is removed from your stainless steel component, this results in a much smoother, reflective and brighter surface. Elemental iron particles that are imbedded in your stainless steel are removed, revealing a chrome-rich surface. This type of surface can easily passivate so that it is not as susceptible to corrosion. The process is additionally effective for material distressing, controlling the size and deburring, a process used to smooth a piece of metal’s rough ridges and edges.

Electropolishing Details
Standard processing usually removes about .0003 inches to .0007 inches of material from a component. However, these removal amounts can easily be fine-turned to meet your needs by manipulating the parameters of the process. Several factors play a role in how much material ends up being removed, including how much electrical current is being applied to your component, the processing time and the chemistry temperature.

It is important to note that this polishing process cannot cover, conceal or hide inclusions in raw material, so you won’t get rid of material pits, scratches and seams. However, you can expect high spots to be removed. With the assistance of the right company, your products can perform the way they were designed to perform and perform even better in many situations.

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