Smoke Damage Cleanup Services in Troy: When The Worst Happens

The damaging effects of a fire linger long after the last embers have been put out. Even if the fire was confined to one room or section of the home or office building, there is the cleanup of water, fire retardant chemical foam, and especially smoke to deal with. Smoke gets everywhere inside a burning building, stains everything it comes into contact with, and the odor permeates every interior space. Smoke damage renders a building or home almost uninhabitable not only because of the smell but the chemical contaminants which still leach into the air. These substances are unsafe to breathe and will result in respiratory problems for years afterward if allowed to remain. This is why smoke damage cleanup Troy property owners can rely upon is an A-1 priority in the event of a fire or even less disastrous event such as a chimney blowback.

Calling in a professional crew to handle this monumental task is about the smartest decision to make under such a circumstance. This is because the proper cleanup of smoke damage requires special care and materials which only professionals can bring to the job. It also has to be done quickly before the contamination permanently ruins the surfaces and materials coated by smoke.

For rooms and other spaces which were not immediately adjacent to the source, a simple stage one scrub down with dry chemical sponges can clean up most of the char. Dry sponges are used because applying wet scouring will only spread stains which then will be nearly impossible to remove. A lot of homeowners or office people make that mistake and end up inflicting damage worse than the initial contamination. Stage two cleanup involves needed repainting or re-staining of flat surfaces, repair or replacement of carpet, and thorough de-odorizing of the most heavily damaged rooms and furnishings, with special care applied to upholstery as well as antiques, framed pictures, electronics, and collectibles.

Professional Fire Restoration Service has been in the business of smoke and water damage repair and mold remediation since 1975. With a half-century experience and incorporation of the latest techniques, they provide professional smoke damage cleanup Troy homeowners and business owners need to fully correct the devastating effects of heavy smoke contamination and the damages from firefighting efforts.


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