Small Business VoIP Solutions that Work

As someone who runs a small business, it’s likely crucial that you have a method of communicating with your customers. It’s equally important that they have means of getting in contact with you. Choosing between a traditional phone system and a system offered by VoIP service providers can be challenging. However, there are some benefits to VoIP that you may not know about.

Make Phone Switches a Thing of the Past

At IT Partners+, we remove the need for phone lines, switches, and hardware. With a VoIP system, there’s little need for extra equipment. The VoIP acts as the phone switch by transmitting data over the Internet, the same way that email does. This not only gives you extra space but also provides you with lots of features not found in a traditional phone system. You will be able to make calls from your laptop, forward calls to your tablet, and many other things. The best part is that anytime a new upgrade is available, you’ll get it without any frustrating installation.

The Best Customer Support

When you use a VoIP vendor, you get access to their support. Traditional phone systems are old, and many of their modes of communication and support are, as well. VoIP companies are usually much more in tune with the here and now. Web-based software makes it easy to get support from a distance without waiting on a phone line for an hour waiting for a call center rep to answer. Of course, phone support is available too. The option is yours. You may find that you don’t have much need for customer support at all after going VoIP.

More User-Friendly

Problems come up, no matter what technology you are using. With a traditional phone system, you may have had situations where you forgot how to forward a call or lost the password to an important voice mail. VoIP takes these things and makes them easier to use. It’s already integrated into systems that are used on a regular basis. It’s a lot easier to click a screen to forward a call than to remember what buttons to push on your old traditional phone.

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