Situations in Which You Need Sewer Repairs in Wheaton, IL

The sewer is one of those systems that gets installed, but never truly gets upgraded over time. Even some home renovation projects ignore the sewer system. However, the sewer system is still composed of piping. Like all piping, it can become compromised. When one of these situations happens, it is time to get the system repaired.


One of the situations in which Sewer Repairs In Wheaton IL are required is when soft soil is discovered around the sewer pipes. This is usually indicative of a leaky pipe. The pipe could have been compromised by tree roots. It could have developed a hole or it could have been damaged from adverse weather conditions such as a sudden freeze. The pipe will have to be dug up to determine the problem. It should be addressed as soon as possible to prevent further damage to the yard.


Another situation in which repairs are required is when the sewer system backs up into toilets, sinks and bathtubs. This is a sign that the sewer pipe is clogged and isn’t draining properly. Since it is difficult to tell exactly where the pipe is clogged, a camera has to be run through the sewer pipes to determine the exact location. Once the clogged piping is identified, it can be dug up and repaired.


Water in the basement can also signal that the sewer system is in need of Sewer Repairs In Wheaton IL. Water pooling on the basement floor rather than seeping in the walls is a sign that the sewer system is inadequately draining. If there is a sewer pump, then there could be a problem with the pump itself. This problem may also require a camera inspection to ensure that the lines are clear of debris or tree branches.


Sewer systems are often left off the renovation list. Yet, they can cause some of the biggest problems if they are compromised. If you notice one of these problems, you need to Contact Today an expert in sewer repair. If you don’t the sewer problems are only going to worse and will cost you more to fix. Connect with us on Facebook for more information!

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