Simplified Gas Furnace Repair Using Easy Steps

A furnace is a major appliance in many households across the country. This unit can function independently or as part of an HVAC system. This heating system uses intermediary fluid movement fueled by natural gas, coal, or other energy source. A forced-air heating system reacts when temperature in the air falls below the designated setting on the thermostat.


By using a burner inside a combustion chamber and a heat exchanger, a furnace can successfully raise the temperature of the air to a desired level before it’s distributed throughout an area via duct-work. You can perform simplified gas Furnace repair by implementing some basic steps.


Start your Furnace repair by checking possible causes and solutions. If your furnace won’t activate, look for blown fuses or tripped circuit breakers. These safety devices are located at the main entrance panel or a separate entrance panel. Replace a blown fuse and reset a tripped circuit breaker. When this does not work, a switch may be in the “off” position. Find a separate power switch located on or near the furnace.


After this, test to see if you have a motor overload. Push the reset button on the motor. Wait thirty minutes and repeat if necessary. After three attempts, try another solution. It’s advisable to check the gas valve to the furnace to ensure that it’s completely open. If these solutions fail to activate the furnace, it may be necessary to call a furnace contractor.


When your furnace is running but it’s not heating properly, the thermostat may be set too low. Lower the temperature setting on the thermostat t by 5 degrees. Wait a few minutes. If it’s still not warming the air right, repeat this step. After the second attempt, check the filter to see if it’s dirty. Replace a disposable filter and clean a permanent filter.


If the air is still not warming up, look at the registers to see if they’re their blocked or closed. Move drapes or furniture blocking these air passages. When this fails, it may be necessary to call a professional like the ones at Service 1 Heating & AC Inc. This company can handle residential and commercial furnace services.

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