Signs Your Dog Requires Emergency Care

If you have a dog, you should be prepared for anything. This includes emergency care. By learning the signs, you will know when you should take your dog to an emergency veterinarian in Chicago:

Sign 1 – Any Serious External Injury

If your dog has an obvious injury, it is likely an emergency situation, especially if it looks serious. For example, if your dog has a broken bone, you will often see that the skin and body looks deformed. Additionally, if there is noticeable blood, gashes, cuts, or other injuries that look serious, you should see a vet.

Sign 2 – Noticeable Balance Issues

Another sign that your dog is experiencing a medical emergency is noticeable balance issues. Anytime a dog walks differently than they usually do could indicate a medical issue. This could be a sign of a neurological illness or even a tumor. So, you want to get the dog examined as quickly as possible.

Sign 3 – Coughing or Sneezing that Doesn’t Stop

All dogs cough and sneeze, but if it becomes frequent, it could be a sign of a dangerous medical condition. It might be something simple, like allergies, but it could also be a more serious condition that will require emergency medical attention.

Sign 4 – Restlessness

If you notice that your dog is restless and doesn’t seem comfortable, this, too, could be a sign of an emergency situation. Dogs that are in pain, for instance, will be unable to settle down comfortably. This is likely something simple and fixable, but it could also be a sign of serious conditions, such as bloat. This is a deadly condition that must be treated immediately.

Sign 5 – Vomiting

Finally, if you notice that your dog is vomiting excessively, you should contact an emergency veterinarian. A dog that is vomiting a lot is losing a lot of water, and it could be a sign that they are having other dangerous medical conditions.

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