Signs You Need a Tooth Implant in Panama City Beach, FL

Everyone wants to have a great looking smile, be able to eat and drink whatever they want, and feel confident when talking to other people, but if you are missing teeth, then you will struggle with your appearance and eating certain foods. While dentures are an option for many people, there is a better choice if you need to have a tooth replaced but don’t want to deal with the hassle that comes with taking care of dentures. A tooth implant may be the answer to your problems.

Your Tooth Is Cracked or Broken

If a crown isn’t enough to cover or repair your broken or damaged tooth, your dentist may want you to consider a tooth implant in Panama City Beach, FL. While it is preferable to save as much of the original tooth as possible, this is sometimes not the best course of action, and an extraction is necessary. If this is the case, an implant can replace your broken tooth and restore your smile.

You’re Experiencing Bone Loss

When your dentist takes X-rays at your appointment, they are looking at the bone in your jaw to make sure it is healthy. Unfortunately, when you lose teeth you can actually begin losing some of the bone in your jaw as well. A tooth implant doesn’t just fill the void of the missing tooth, it actually will encourage jaw bone growth in the same way your real tooth would.

While you may be able to notice some of the signs that you would benefit from a tooth implant, others can only be uncovered by your dentist, which is why you need to have regular cleanings. If you’re wondering if an implant is right for you, call Personal Attention Dental Center to speak to a professional about your unique situation.

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