Signs to Watch For to Determine the Need for Septic Tank System Repair in Magnolia, TX

The septic tank is notorious for its large repair costs. This is because a busted tank will destroy a yard. Before it gets to this point, the septic tank will give a few signs that it is need of repair. Getting these repairs done as quickly as possible can save the hassle of digging up the yard to replace the entire tank.

Often, leaks in the septic system occur before they ever make it to the tank. This can lead to a smell developing in the basement area. Damaged septic tank piping will dump waste into the basement and areas around the house. The holes in the piping can also allow gas to escape from the septic tank. If the piping is old, the Septic Tank System Repair in Magnolia TX will need to replace the older piping. This is because the old piping is likely installed all the way to the tank itself.

Consistently slow drainage is a sign that there is an issue with the tank itself. Either the tank is nearing the full level or there is a developing blockage somewhere in the lines that is blocking the flow of waste to the tank. Eventually, sinks, bathtubs and toilets will stop draining and the backups will begin. This can cause major cleanup issues in the home. It also puts the tank under a lot of pressure and may cause leakages to occur into the yard.

Smells wafting out of bathroom drains or the sink drain can also indicate the need for Septic Tank System Repair in Magnolia TX. This is an indication that gas from the tank is leaking back into the house. If combined with slow drainage, the tank is no longer able to handle the flow of waste. It is only a matter of time before the system starts escaping through weakness in the tank and through access in the home.

The septic tank is a vulnerable system. While it is designed to hold and process waste, issues can arise from the deterioration of piping, clogged piping or a full tank. Contact if the septic system is displaying signs that is in trouble and needs to be checked out.

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