Signs that a Faucet Repair in Easton is in Order

While faucets are built to last for a long time, they do need help now and then. The trick is for the homeowner to be aware of the early warning signs that some type of Faucet Repair in Easton is in order. Recognizing those signs will make it possible to get a professional to take care of the problem early on, and save a lot of time, money, and frustration later on.


The Handle Seems a Little Loose If the faucet design includes a handle, it should be easy to move but also tight enough to stay in place once the move is complete. Handles that seem to give a little too much can be a sign that the faucet will need some attention in the near future. The best bet is to call a professional and have that Faucet Repair in Easton managed before the handle loosens too much and comes off completely.


The Handle is Too Tight A handle that used to move with ease suddenly becomes difficult to move at all. Along with being inconvenient, this could be a sign that something in the faucet design is about to wear out. Since faucets come in all sorts of designs, this can mean the cartridge needs to be replaced, or that a disc is no longer working properly. The only way to know for sure is to call a plumbing professional.


The Tap is Closed But It Still Leaks Another good sign that help is needed sooner rather than later is a faucet that leaks even when it should be completely turned off. Even a very slow leak will waste a lot of water over the course of the month. Rather than having to keep paying a hefty water bill, it makes more sense to call a plumber, find out if the faucet can be repaired, or if the time has come for a replacement. When the faucets are not working as they should, the time has come to call the team at S. Agentis Plumbing of Easton.


After an inspection, the plumber can provide information on what is wrong and what it will take to make things right again. After approving the repairs, the homeowner can sit back, relax, and know that the project is in good hands.

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