Signs of a Leaky Basement in Westford, MA

Basement leaks are a problem that no one should have to deal with. Such leaks can encourage mold growth, damage items stored in the basement, create a musty smell, and generally make the basement an unpleasant place. If left alone long enough, these leaks will eventually ruin the foundation and destroy the home’s integrity, making it an unsafe place to live. If you see these signs of a leak, you need to get them repaired immediately.

One of the signs of a Leaky Basement in Westford MA, is the presence of mold. Since mold grows when moisture is present, this is an indication that you have a moisture issue and that leaks are occurring. Mold will grow on virtually any surface in your basement. The way to stop the growth and prevent its reoccurring is to ensure that the basement is completely waterproof. Without that moisture to sustain it, mold will not grow.

Another sign of leaks is pooling of water on the floor. This may happen after a rainstorm or if the ground has been over-saturated with water. This is a huge indication that there is a crack somewhere in the foundation that has to be repaired. Since these pools of water indicate a significant leak, the cause of this leak should be investigated before it gets worse. Extensive repair may need to be done to stop this water invasion.

A musty smell is another sign that you have a Leaky Basement in Westford MA. The high levels of moisture in the basement and the items stored in the basement can create this damp smell that never really goes away. This smell means that the water is interacting badly with items in the basement. The only way to prevent this smell is to get rid of the leaks by repairing the concrete and then waterproofing the basement.

These are the signs that you have leaks in the basement. It is important to pay attention to these signs because they indicate that there is a bigger issue in the basement. To help restore your basement’s integrity, and for more information on leak repairs, contact Drycrete Waterproofing.

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