Should You Hire Disability Lawyers For Your Social Security Claim?

Out of one hundred claims for Social Security disability benefits, seventy-five will be denied outright or at the first stage of appeal which is to ask for reconsideration.

The 25 cases that are approved will begin to receive monthly benefits; the 75 cases that were not approved will go to a hearing that is held in the presence of an administrative law judge. It is when the case reaches this point that hiring disability lawyers in Oak Ridge can be of genuine help in winning the claim. It must be understood though, that like any lawyer involved in any type of case, the lawyer cannot guarantee success but what you can be guaranteed of is that the lawyer will prepare your case properly prior to the hearing.

Preparing the case:

Social Security law, rules and regulations are extremely complicated, the vast majority of claimants will not have any idea of what they are doing; they will not be in a position to properly prepare for the hearing. This is not the case with disability lawyers in Oak Ridge; they are extremely familiar with what is required and they know all the rules and regulations. Having been involved in many hearings in the past, the lawyers know what a judge is looking for when it comes to your specific medical condition.

Paying the lawyer:

Although it is not unknown for a layperson to win a case the odds are most certainly against it. As the lawyers only get paid if they win your case for you, they work extremely hard to ensure a win. They do many things that you may not be able to do; getting detailed supporting statements from your doctors for one.

When your future income stream is at stake and knowing that the legal fees are set by law and paid from your benefits, it is easy to see why so many applicants hire seasoned disability lawyers in Oak Ridge. Visit Law Office of Miller Drozdowski at

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