Should You Hire a Lawyer if Your Employer is Under Investigation?

Corporate investigations are a scary time for everyone involved. If you are an employee, you may worry about what your role in the investigation will ultimately be – and if you will still have a job, once all is said and done. The best advice a legal professional could offer to employees of companies involved in an internal investigation would be to get your own legal counsel and follow their advice throughout the process.

What Happens During a Corporate Investigation?

Today’s major corporations are sadly no strangers to criminal investigations. With a more pressing weight of the public eye focused on the actions of today’s businesses, many companies are undergoing drawn-out legal investigations for supposed wrongdoings.

During these investigations, several things will typically happen. Records of communications and dealings will typically be seized. All involved parties will likely be contacted and interviewed. Members of management may be under tighter scrutiny than ever as law enforcement monitors the daily goings-on of their operation. It is an understandably stressful time for everyone involved. If you are interviewed and have any knowledge of corporate wrongdoing, it is important to be honest – but also to contact a lawyer, first.

Why Get Your Own Lawyer?

Getting your own attorney when it’s your employer or company that is in legal hot water may seem odd at first glance, but it’s actually a practice advised by almost every legal professional. What you’re doing when you choose to get your own lawyer is protecting yourself, regardless of the outcome of the investigation. Whether you’re worried about your employment, your financial future, your prospective involvement in the investigation or possible trial, or a combination of all of these, hiring a lawyer will help you make it to the other side of the process with your sanity intact.

Dealing with corporate investigations in Jacksonville? Contact a local law firm that specializes in corporate cases and trust your working future to someone who has the knowledge and experience to make it a brighter one.

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