Should You Consider Custom Cabinetry for Your Bathroom?

Does your bathroom only have a pedestal sink or simple vanity? This is just the basics for most bathrooms, and you might need more, especially if you want your own space to get ready for your day each morning. If you think it is a good time to upgrade, custom cabinetry and vanities have much to offer. Here are some good reasons to consider this option in Pompano Beach.

Unlimited Choices

When you install custom cabinetry, you have an abundance of choices you can make. Choose a contractor offering designing services, and you get to start with a blank canvas. Together you and your designer can create a work of living art with convenience and beauty. For more ideas, HGTV has some excellent advice on choosing bathroom cabinets.

Increase Your Space

Most bathrooms are small, compared to other rooms in the house. By installing a custom-made vanity and cabinet, your storage capacity increases greatly. With cabinets and drawers, you can store extra bathroom tissue, soap, shampoo, and the perfect place for towel storage. You can have a place for everything, such as:

  • Hairdryers
  • Makeup mirror
  • Makeup tools and accessories
  • Shaving equipment and supplies
  • First aid supplies
  • Cleaning supplies

Once you create a designated area for storage, you do not have to leave things lying on the counter. This gives you a neater bathroom and lowers the chances of accidentally damaging things.

Match Your Kitchen

Maybe you want a contemporary or traditional theme for your home. This is a good time to upgrade the kitchen too. Your cabinet contractors can give you new kitchen cabinets custom-made for your needs, and they can match the custom cabinetry in your bathroom. Look for a cabinet contractor offering designing services too. They help you through the entire remodeling or upgrade project.

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