Should I Still See the Doctor Even if the Car Accident Was Minor?

If you are involved in car accident in St. Augustine, one of your first thoughts is likely to be whether you should see a doctor. In a serious accident, the choice is clear – you should receive immediate medical attention. However, what if the accident was only minor? Should you visit an urgent care facility to have a doctor check you out?

Don’t Tough It Out

It’s important to understand that “toughing it out” does no one any good at all. If you feel any pain or discomfort after the accident, it is important that you visit an urgent care facility where you can be examined by a medical professional. In some cases, immediate medical treatment is a vital part of healing from a potentially long-lasting injury.

What If You Feel No Pain?

If you feel no pain or discomfort after your accident, you may not think you need any medical attention. Sadly, that may not be the case. In many instances, those involved in an auto accident experience no symptoms of an injury for hours, or even days afterward. This is particularly true with whiplash. The only way to ensure that you are healthy is to visit an urgent care facility and be checked out. Even if there are no injuries of note, you will at least have peace of mind about your medical condition.

The Question of Insurance

In addition to ensuring that you are able to be examined by a medical professional and treated immediately if there is a need, there is also the question of insurance and how you will pay for medical treatment if you do not go to the doctor immediately after the accident. Most insurance companies will expect you to have at least an evaluation after an accident so that any injuries sustained in the accident can be attributed to the event correctly, and the insurance company can cover those medical costs.

Of course, there are instances where there is no need to visit an urgent care – if you were involved in only a minor fender-bender with little to no damage, there might be no need for a medical examination. However, even these minor accidents can lead to injuries, so it is generally the best idea to have a medical evaluation regardless of the accident’s severity.

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