Services You Can Get From a Chiropractic Center

If you have never been to the chiropractor before, you may not realize all of the different services this type of professional can offer. Before you start looking for chiropractic adjustment in Waltham, MA, it can help to learn a bit more about the exact services you can choose from. Here’s a look at several services you may find at the Wellness Center of Waltham.

General Care

Most chiropractors will offer general services to adjust the back. These services can help in many ways, such as being a back pain treatment or offering relief from tightness. Most often car accident chiropractic services fall under these general services because they involve making adjustments to the spine or associated areas of the body to relieve pain, reduce swelling or relieve pressure. General chiropractic care can also help to encourage healing and correct issues.


A chiropractor may also be helpful when it comes to injuries. He or she may offer sports chiropractor services, such as exercises that will help reduce or relieve pain, along with encouraging healing of past injuries. Exercises are often about encouraging movements that will help to realign the body and increase blood flow.

Massage Therapy

Another great service that you can get besides just a traditional chiropractic adjustment in Waltham, MA, is massage therapy. This is often offered to individuals who may be under stress or whose bodies may be under strain. It can help release muscle tension and calm the mind and body. Massage is a great pregnancy chiropractor service, too.

Getting a chiropractic adjustment in Waltham, MA, is just one of the many things that you can have done when you see a chiropractor. There are also opportunities for you to seek help if you have a sports injury or simply need to relax. Chiropractic services can be great if you have experienced an injury as a result of a car accident or if you are feeling pain due to the changes in the body from pregnancy. Please visit Wellness Center of Waltham for more information!

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