Separating the Great Corporate Catering Companies from the Average

Are you planning a special company event soon? Perhaps your business sponsors a trade show, or you plan a convention, conference, or seminar. You need to feed the attendees, and your food service can make or break your event. To get the best possible food and service, you’ll want to check out several corporate catering companies, and here are some things to look for when you shop.


Make sure your caterer can handle all your needs. For example, some companies do casual events while others mostly do formal events. Just because a company agrees to cover your needs, doesn’t mean they have the right qualifications. Look at a company’s credentials and past clients. This gives you a good idea to what to expect.

Standard Services or Upgrades?

When you check out corporate catering companies, look at their basic services. Determine what they have to offer, so you can select upgrades if you need them. This keeps you from going over budget. For example, the caterer might quote you a basic price, but it doesn’t include many things you need for your event.

What about Cancellations?

What happens if your caterer pulls out at the last-minute? You are left “high and dry,” and this is a major disaster. On the other hand, conditions beyond your control are likely to cause you to cancel. Talk to your potential caterer to find out their cancellation policies. For instance, do they offer restitution if they cancel? If you cancel, is your deposit refunded?

Sufficient Insurance

Most reputable corporate catering companies carry enough insurance. However, you must protect your company’s interests, and check into the matter. This is important when you plan to serve alcohol at the event. Either you or the caterer should have liquor liability to avoid possible lawsuits. Also, make sure general liability coverage is adequate for your event.

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