Selling the Home: Is the Expense of Floor Refinishing in NYC Worth It?

The time has come to sell the family home and find a place that’s smaller and easier to maintain. On the one hand, the owner would like to place the property on the market as is and hope for a quick sale. At the same time, it would be nice to obtain the most lucrative price for the property and have some money left over after buying a new place. If the latter is really what the owner wants to achieve, spending money now to improve the place is a must. That includes arranging for a complete Floor Refinishing in NYC.

Holding the Attention of Potential Buyers

Making a positive first impression motivates potential buyers to linger a little longer and find out more about what the house has to offer. Think of what deep scratches and a dull finish on the foyer flooring does in terms of making buyers want to the see the rest of the house. If that area is in poor condition, what’s the flooring like in the rest of the house? Choosing to refinish the floors and ensure they are clean before any open house is one way to compel buyers to step inside, admire the floor, and then move on to see what other features the place provides. Assuming the hardwood floors in the other parts of the house are also refinished, the interest of many buyers will increase.

The Impact of Refinishing on the Asking Price

Many buyers are willing to pay more for a place that doesn’t need any type of repairs or upgrades anytime soon. To obtain the best possible price, the current owner wants to attract buyers in this category. Along with making sure the heating and cooling system, the plumbing, and the foundation are all in great shape, it pays to examine the hardwood floors closely. Are they showing signs of age? If so, choosing to have them refinished immediately adds value to the home and makes it more appealing to the right type of buyer.

The bottom line is that Floor Refinishing in NYC is worth it. Contact New York Wood Flooring today and arrange for the work to be done. In terms of attracting buyers who are willing to pay the asking price, this investment is worth every penny.

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