Selling Mineral Rights Can Benefit You if You Are Receiving SSDI

If you are currently receiving royalties for mineral rights for natural gas, then you may want to think about whether you want to continue receiving the income, especially if it is impacting the other earnings you make. We at H&M Land and Mineral encourage holders of mineral rights to make the most money they can from their holdings and other earnings.

Why It Is a Good Ideal to Sell if You Are Receiving SSDI

By selling mineral rights, some people can earn a larger amount from their Social Security Disability Insurance or their monthly benefits for SSDI. While recipients can still earn an income when they collect the insurance, their benefits can be significantly reduced if the other income they are earning falls above a certain level.

We know, at H&M Land and Mineral that people work hard and go through a lot of paperwork and bureaucracy in order to obtain SSDI payments. Therefore, we encourage people in this particular situation to consider how selling mineral rights can benefit them.

Pay Off a Long-term Debt

The primary reason selling mineral rights is attractive to most people is because they want to use the money  to pay off a long-term debt, such as a mortgage, have enough money for retirement, or wish to pay for either their child’s or grandchild’s higher education. Of course, there are plenty of reasons that cause people to see the wisdom of selling mineral rights. However, the real reason most people forfeit their holding is simply for “peace of mind.”

Plus, if you are a landowner who does not possess the needed equipment to extract natural gas or oil from your property, the royalties you make, according to the IRS, are considered taxable and unearned income. In turn, if you are an SSDI recipient, your SSDI income will be affected too – all in terms of a reduced monthly benefit amount.

Do you really want to take that kind of chance with your earnings? We, at H&M Land and Mineral, can assist you in receiving the cash you need now and help you earn as much as you can for your SSDI monthly benefit amount.

If you hold mineral rights to a property or are earning royalties off the land, selling your mineral rights might make sense. You will also lose any future royalties. However, by making this move, you will also earn more income with respect to your SSDI benefit. You will receive the cash to fund another investment or pay off a debt – the best way to optimize your holdings and current assets.

We, at H&M Land and Mineral don’t’ want you to decrease the amount you receive in an SSDI benefit because of a natural gas royalty payment. We can assist you in making the most of the income you earn.

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