Self Defense Training – The Right Tools Make the Difference

When defense and safety professionals practice for their on-duty tasks, it’s important to have the right tools. Obviously, no one wants to use a knife against a coworker during training. However, there are ways for cops, military members and other professionals to be prepared in the event of an assault without injuring themselves or others during practice sessions. The best asset for this is a dummy or training weapon – such as a training knife.

What is a Training Knife?

A training knife is a device that mimics all the qualities of a regular knife with a decreased level of danger to users. This means that the item will have a similar size, weight and will handle in a similar way to a real knife. However, the blade will be too dull to inflict a wound. Some safety knives are also collapsible, have folding blades or have a rubber or similarly soft blade. This allows security professionals to practice defensive and disarming moves while maintaining personal safety for all participants.

Choosing the Right Device

Choosing a device that is ideal for hand to hand combat rehearsal depends on the projected needs of the participants. Are the people encountered by the officer or soldier more likely to pull a straight blade or a folding knife? Are the exercises being conducted during training more conducive to using an all-rubber dummy or a mixed materials piece? Finding the correct product is important and a major reason why these professionals typically shop with retailers who specialize in outfitting these needs.

When using a training knife, the most important thing to keep in mind is safety. While an effective practice session is important, no professional can do their job correctly if injured. For this reason, props like training knives and other tools are important parts of the law enforcement arsenal.

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