Selecting a Facility Specializing in Dementia Care

When a loved one’s mental ability begins to decline, you may attribute it to the aging process. When it becomes severe, however, and interferes with their daily life, the person is likely suffering from dementia. People who have this condition need additional care as they often experience memory loss. Thankfully, there are now facilities specializing in Dementia Care, such as Magnolia Springs. This senior living facility provides your loved one the opportunity to live their life to the fullest while enjoying their retirement years. They deserve nothing less.


The goal of Dementia Care is to maximize the person’s quality of life by recognizing their emotional, social, physical, and spiritual needs and meeting them. This must take place in an atmosphere which promotes dignity and respect and should occur in a facility that allows the person to feel like he or she is home, rather than in an institution. All activities, services, social events, and amenities need to be designed to promote the person’s independence and life skills, encouraging self-sufficiency while preserving their dignity to ensure they maintain their self respect and desire to continue.


When choosing a facility specializing in this type of care, you need to look for one that offers features designed to encourage the person to handle daily tasks on their own. This may include a private bath or individual climate control, as the goal is to make the person feel welcome and that they can still be independent while having someone nearby, if needed. Some facilities now put certain measures in place, such as memory display boxes, to help residents find their door. Little things like this make a good facility great.


Another thing to look for when choosing a facility for a loved one suffering from dementia is compassionate staff, staff specially trained in working with individuals in need of memory care. Watching a loved one decline in this manner isn’t easy. Staff members need to understand this and provide the highest quality of care for residents while remaining available to family members who have questions and concerns. No one wants to put a loved one in a senior living facility because they can no longer care for them without help. Unfortunately, this is often necessary. When it is, make sure the right facility is selected, one which treats your loved one just as you would.

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