Select Your Lexington Dentist Carefully

One of the most important things parents can do is schedule dental care for themselves and their children.

It is also very important to build a relationship with a full-service expert in the field of dentistry, one who can help with any issue that arises. For example, most dental offices will offer X-rays and several dental procedures. But a smaller number will be able to provide such important services as oral surgery, oral cancer screenings, orthodontics, and more.

Just as regular visits to other professional lexington dentist are a good idea, consistent visits to the dentist will help identify problems and help prevent dental issues in the future.

Finding the Right Dental Professional

If a family or individual is seeking a dentist, it is wise to select one who has long experience in combination with the best in academic training. This dental professional is sure to stay current with the latest in science, dental medicine and technology, in order to continue providing top-level service.

A perfect example would be the introduction of Cerec, a procedure that allows the patient to have crown work done in one day. In addition to this new technology, a full-service professional will offer tooth veneer, full and partial dentures and implant restoration, among other procedures.

Not only will the best professional be able to offer all these and other services, he or she will also put emphasis on patient education, helping people plan and use good oral-hygiene practices. This expert will advise patients to pay particular attention to the gums, a crucial factor in a healthy mouth and teeth. Good habits also include flossing and cleaning at home.

A Bit of Education

For those who use or seek a Lexington dentist, part of the relationship involves discussing diet and selection of foods. Making wise decisions in this area means better dental health and overall physical health. While all professionals will advise patients to avoid sweet foods and sugars, due to the tooth damage that can occur, there are a few more food categories that may cause harm.

As an example, a dental professional might advise reducing the use of coffee or other beverages with caffeine. One of the most noticeable effects of these drinks is tooth discoloration. In addition, coffee is acidic, which can damage the teeth.

While citrus fruits are a good source of vitamin C, this type of natural food may damage teeth with acid, especially if eaten in excess. Foods such as breads and pasta may lodge between the teeth and in other areas of the mouth, creating ideal conditions for harmful bacteria to grow.

Seek the best in both dentistry and patient education when looking for a dentist. Your teeth are for life.

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