Select High-Quality Indian Wedding Cards

Indian wedding cards have a lot of historical and cultural context, and though they are very personalized choices, they feature a wide range of traditional symbols, phrases and texts, and even colors. Noted for being richly decorated and elegant, they are usually a reflection of the couple and their families’ beliefs and hopes for the couple.

When you are seeking Indian wedding cards, there are several factors to consider:

  • Printing method – What is it you envision where your Indian wedding cards are concerned? Perhaps you would prefer some laser cutting or some gold foil embellishments? There are many printing methods that include flocking, engraving, offset printing, letterpress printing, and more. You will only have the widest range of choices and customization when you work with a modern printer able to provide many printing methods.
  • Materials – In addition to the methods used to print and make the cards, you should also be able to select from a range of papers. From basic, high-quality matte papers to handmade silk sheets, vellum, and cotton, you will want to consider what the different materials say, how they match the overall theme or setting for the wedding and more. You only get this sort of flexibility if you choose a printer offering wide options for papers.
  • Wording – Really, this is more about the cards and the add-on cards that your printer can provide. While most Indian wedding cards are imprinted with familiar texts and quotes, they also must accommodate the type of ceremony. For example, will there be the ability to clearly explain the type of ceremony, ask for RSVPs and so on? Be sure that the printer has the kinds of font options and layout capabilities needed to fit the wording your cards require, along with the add-on cards needed.
  • Symbols – Can the printer understand and clearly print the symbols you need. There are many symbols with religious context or with significance to the couple, and you want your cards to depict such imagery clearly.

When planning your wedding, remember that Indian wedding cards are the first indicator of what your guests should expect. From the color schemes, you have selected and the materials used, the right cards say a great deal more than you might expect. At Regal Cards, you can find Indian and Hindu cards along with all of the add-ons needed. Visit the website to explore their huge range of traditional wedding cards from India.

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