See a Chiropractor for Lower Back Pain Treatment in Sugar Land, TX

Over 80% of people will experience lower back pain at some point in life, and the discomfort often results from repetitive behaviors that stress the body. If one is looking for lower back pain treatment in Sugar Land TX right now, or if they want to take preventive measures, they should try to avoid the bad habits listed below.

* Neglecting to exercise: Failing to exercise, especially the abdominal muscles, can cause improper posture and pain in the lower back. Good preventive exercises include core-strengthening activities such as Pilates. Cardio workouts such as walking and swimming can also improve flexibility.

* Maintaining a poor posture: Bad posture can put stress on the muscles and the spine and, over time, the stress can change the spine’s anatomical characteristics. To avoid injury, patients should stand with knees bent slightly and with one foot a bit forward to reduce the pressure on the lower back. When sitting, the patient’s hips should be slightly higher than the knees.

* Improper lifting: Many back injuries happen when one tries to lift a heavy object improperly. Use the power of the legs to lift, keeping the weight close to the body to avoid sudden twisting.

* Being overweight: Many back problems can be prevented by keeping one’s weight controlled. Carrying extra weight, especially in the middle, can shift one’s center of gravity while putting extra strain on the back. Exercise and a good diet can help people stay within ten pounds of their ideal weight, which can prevent most back pain.

* Smoking: Nicotine use prevents blood from getting to the discs that cushion the vertebrae, increasing the rate of deterioration. Smoking can also reduce calcium absorption, preventing the growth of new bone and leaving the patient with a risk of osteoporosis.

* Vitamin D and calcium deficiency: These two nutrients are a key factor in bone strength. If a patient does not get enough, they should consider taking a high-quality supplement.

* Leading a sedentary lifestyle: Limiting movement as a way to manage pain can work against the patient. Increased activity can raise blood flow to affected areas, decreasing tension and inflammation.

When one is dealing with severe back pain, or when they want to prevent it from occurring, avoiding the habits listed above can help to strengthen and protect the back and the rest of the body. Consult a physician with United Chiropractic for Lower Back Pain Treatment in Sugar Land TX however, if back pain persists.

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