Scuba Trips in Key Largo Are the Perfect Vacation for All

Key Largo is often referred to as the Scuba Diving Capital of the World, and it is easy to see why. Situated at the north end of the Florida Keys, Key Largo is home to a wide range of diving sites, offering something for everyone. Experienced divers like to try their hand at shipwrecks, new divers find they have plenty of opportunities to practice their skills, and underwater photographers see a world of beauty no matter where they choose to head in the area. It’s no wonder scuba trips in Key Largo remain popular with divers from around the globe.


New divers often head to the Statue of Christ of the Abyss. This bronze statue can easily be seen by snorkelers and divers as it rises so near to the surface. Located between coral formations in the Key Largo Dry Rocks reef, visitors only need to be able to dive 25 feet to see the full beauty of this 4,000 pound attraction. Egidi Cressi donated this statue to the Underwater Society of America back in 1962 for divers and snorkelers to enjoy, and many from across the globe do exactly that.


Experienced divers often plan scuba trips in Key Largo just to try their hand at the Spiegel Grove. This ship remains the largest ever sunk in Florida, and offers opportunities many experienced divers cannot find elsewhere. This dive is so challenging that those new to this sport aren’t allowed, and one must make multiple dives to see the entire thing. Other shipwrecks found in Key Largo include Benwood Wreck, The Elbow, and Bibb and Duane, some of which are perfect for divers of all skill levels.


Underwater photographers frequently head to Molasses Reef to check out the many attractions to be found there. This remains one of the most popular sites in the country, and many believe, in the world. Everyone is sure to appreciate the sites found in this reef, and the pictures one can take are sure to be enjoyed for life, as conditions are perfect for taking great shots.


Consider a scuba dive trips in Key Largo for your next vacation. If you have never tried your hand at scuba diving, this is the perfect place to start. For those who have been diving for years, Key Largo offers a range of diving opportunities to delight. It’s the perfect destination for all.

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