Screen Your Way to Family Comfort.

Outdoor patio living means a place for casual conversation and a barbecue. But being outdoors means, well, being outdoors. The sun is high, the bugs are biting, your neighbors can just about read your “Seasoned with Love” grilling apron and maybe passing strangers can as well. And of course it gets dark and those critters might come out… These are all good reasons to install retractable patio screens. Just touch your remote control and screening descends, assuring fresh air, shade, insect protection and the privacy you want. Another push of the button makes them disappear. Retractable patio screens are available in signature colors or custom matches. Meshes vary on the basis of solar screening rating and local insect size. Screens reduce the harm of UV rays and save energy by blocking the sun’s rays that would otherwise further warm your home and cost you AC dollars.


Patio screens are by no means limited to the expected locations such as front porches. The only limit is the homeowner’s imagination because motorized screens can be inserted into any covered space, including verandas, lanais, gazebos, balconies and terraces. All benefit from an improvement in appearance and elegance. Unused garages can be transformed into playrooms or an auxiliary living area throughout late spring and summer. Take a look around your home for spaces sitting idle due to insect presence, privacy problems or merciless sun exposure. For any of these, motorized screening could create more usable and enjoyable space for you and your family.

Designing Your Retractable Patio Screens

Keep in mind that retractable screens are custom-designed and built just for your patio. This allows you the chance to harmonize them with your décor and architecture in collaboration with your screening professional. Options are many. For example, you can request that the screens be recessed from view by incorporation within existing structure or otherwise surface mounted.

Find the screen size that meats your needs. While customized sizes are available, there are many standard widths and sizes that prove more economical, ranging from a width of 26 x 120 inches and a height of 96 inches to 34 x 300 x 192. Standard colors include clear, sand and smoke. Customization allows any color combination at additional cost.

Including retractable patio screens in your home design delivers relief from the sun’s damaging rays, neighbors’ curious gazes, insects and small wild animals. Retractable patio screens are a practical way to turn unused space into livable areas and to improve your family’s quality of life.

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